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“what you need to do is…”


So Terrance’s wife, Alondra, is the reason there is a snobOS Podcast…

Nica and Alondra work together and one day Nica was talking about how she was so tired because she was up at 3AM ordering the Series 1 Apple Watch. Although Alondra is an engineer as well she is let’s say… less enthused tech. So she said You need to talk to my husband because he is an Apple enthusiast as well.

Alondra has this thing where she always says “What you need to do is …”. Well, she “What you need to do is …” Nica & Terrance relentlessly about starting a tech podcast (because all three of us need to be on the cover of Black Enterprise) for about 3 years. Nica & Terrance finally relented and now we have…

The snobOS Podcast.


Meet Nica

My 1st Apple device was a baby blue iPod Mini. That’s all it took for me to hooked on Apple devices. Though I’ve been a techie most of my life with my 1st computer (a Tandy RL 1000) at 10, un-boxing that iPod Mini solidified my status as an “Apple snob”. The detail and slickness of just the packaging far outpaced any other device I had ever had. From that moment on, Apple had me and I wasn’t looking back.

Geek. Chic. Hot Pink & Sparkle Lover

I am not your perception of what an engineer looks like. As an Electrical and Computer Engineer, I spend my (work) day as a Advanced Analytics Developer but I'm a bit of a walking contrast as I love shoes, clothes, and make up just as much. I love to help people see outside of the proverbial box when it comes to all things tech and the people who create it.

My name is Nica Montford, the Tech Savvy Diva.

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meet Terrance

Even though I’ve owned and used Apple products since the 1st iPod shuffle…My first “Apple snob” moment was standing in line at 4:00am to purchase a new iPhone 4. That moment was two years in the making as I patiently waited for my cell phone service provider to carry this epic and exclusive device.

I was tired, but I couldn’t feel it from the sheer excitement of firing up that phone for the first time. As soon as I turned it on, every moment in that long line was worth the wait. In an instant, Apple was everything, and there was no turning back.

Hey, I’m Terrance Gaines AKA, BrothaTech. I’m a husband to my lovely wife and father of 3 smart, sincere, and silly kids, and legit Apple fanatic with the experience and credentials to back it up. As a Senior Systems Administrator and Apple Certified Support Professional, I help people get the most out of their [Apple] tech.

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