“what you need to do is…”


So Terrance’s wife, Alondra, is the reason there is a snobOS Podcast…

Nica and Alondra work together and one day Nica was talking about how she was so tired because she was up at 3AM ordering the Series 1 Apple Watch. Although Alondra is an engineer as well she is let’s say… less enthused tech. So she said You need to talk to my husband because he is an Apple enthusiast as well.

Alondra has this thing where she always says “What you need to do is …”. Well, she “What you need to do is …” Nica & Terrance relentlessly about starting a tech podcast (because all three of us need to be on the cover of Black Enterprise) for about 3 years. Nica & Terrance finally relented and now we have…

The snobOS Podcast.