Episode 19: The Game Is Rigged


Welcome to Episode 19 of the snobOS Podcast

Intro: Terrance is trying to get in shape. Nica is traveling AGAIN.

The Lowdown: We go over what we think will be announced at this month’s Apple event. Hint: No hardware. We also learn Donald Trump’s new nickname for “Tim Cook of Apple”

2nd String: Are Spotify and HULU teaming up to offer incentives to get people away from Apple and Netflix? Did Facebook prove Elizabeth Warren’s point that big tech companies have ‘too much influence and control” by removing her Facebook ads to promote breaking up big tech companies?

For the Culture: We discuss the college entrance cheating scandal and why do privileged people need to cheat to get more privilege?

The Hook Up: We highlight Google Flights’ ability to simplistically track airline prices (and alert you of changes).

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